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Project Honeypot
« : Aprilie 25, 2007, 10:01:24 pm »
Project Honey Pot has been tracking spammers and email harvesters for more than two years. Tens of thousands of volunteers from more than 100 countries have participated in order to help clean up the Internet. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of people who have wanted to help have been unable to because they do not run their own web server. That problem ends today.

Nota aditionala: in topul lor, Romania este pe locul 2 la "spam harvesters"
We began Project Honey Pot more than two years ago to track one kind of malicious robots: email harvesters. Since then, a new malicious robot has appeared to terrorize bloggers, forum administrators, and search engines: comment spammers. These robots travel the internet leaving links to spamvertised web pages in order to drive traffic and increase their search engine rankings. Today we're announcing that Project Honey Pot is tracking comment spammers as a first step in stopping them. (asta imi place tare mult, o sa-mi fac timp pentru el)
Since its inception, the front page of Project Honey Pot has promised that we will "Help Stop Spammers Before They Even Get Your Email Address." Today we make good on that promise. Introducing http:BL, a service that allows you to use the data generated by Project Honey Pot in order to keep malicious web robots off your website.

For example, a web administrator could use the http:BL date to establish rules that automatically block known comment spammers, harvesters, and other suspicious visitors from accessing your site and using your bandwidth. The data is provided through the existing DNS system in order to be extremely fast, highly redundant, and very reliable.

The basic http:BL service is free to active members of Project Honey Pot. Users of the Apache 2.0 Web Server can begin taking advantage of the service today using a powerful module that is built directly into the Apache framework. The module is currently in an early beta and Project Honey Pot members can sign up to help with its testing.

In addition, we have published an API outlining the http:BL specifications. We hope and expect more software to be written to take advantage of the http:BL service. If you have an idea, please contact us to talk about how we can make it work

urmariti si celelalte link-uri dupa ce vor fi publicate.
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